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Excavating Contractor Services
If you’re designing a landscape, digging a new basement foundation, or grading land for a new driveway, our excavation team can help you get the job done. Enhance your property value by upgrading your landscape design; creating a waterway; executing a site plan; demolishing an unappealing structure; or removing debris from your property.


Excavating Services:

  • Pool, Pond, & Lake Excavations
  • Land Excavation 
  • Site Work 
  • Unwanted Structure Demolition
  • Debris & Scrap Removal
  • Basement Excavation


Landscape Grading
The first rule of landscape grading is that the ground should slope away from your structure in all directions dropping at least three inches every ten feet. When feasible we suggest a grade of about 6 inches for the first 10 feet. The maximum slope in a lawn should be twelve inches for every four feet.

How Much Should Your Land Grading Slope Away from Your Foundation?
If land grading is not done properly, runoff be won’t be directed toward your foundation. If the ground around your house is completely flat or, worse yet, slopes down toward the foundation, you can easily develop drainage problems. Most homeowners eventually find themselves having to do some land grading near their house's foundation. Typically, poor drainage issues result in leaky basements caused by insufficient slope away from the foundation.  

Land Grading for Residential & Commercial Properties
If you need to re-grade around your foundation , or you want to level your land to install a new parking lot or driveway in Gloucester County or Camden County, NJ call Phil Franchi Demolition for on-time, cost-conscious landscaping materials and demolition services.

Skilled Land Grading Services:

  • Drainage Issues
  • Parking Lot Installations
  • Driveway Installations 

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Landscape Grading

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