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Pool Removal South Jersey

Removing your swimming pool can reduce hazards and liability, expand the number of potential homebuyers, eliminate costly upkeep and give your yard more space.

If your pool has fallen into disrepair or your children no longer use it, pool removal may be a good option. There are many reasons for inground pool removal or above-ground pool removal, but no matter your reason, we can help.

If you’d like to discuss your options, give us a call today. If you have concerns about the pool removal process, check out our pool removal options below.

Pool Removal in South Jersey requires permitting, safe demolition, cost effective concrete removal, and attention to site impact. With our experience, we can demolish, fill and re-landscape any size property.

Pool Removal South Jersey:

  • Hot-Tub Removal
  • In-Ground Pool Removal
  • Above-Ground Pool Removal

Debris Disposal
Excess concrete will be recycled and reused, saving you money and keeping concrete out of landfills. We guarantee a thorough job with minimum environmental impact.

Pool Removal Process
The price we give you is the price you pay. When you decide to move forward with us as your swimming pool removal contractor, we’ll discuss the exact process of how the pool will be removed. Then, we’ll take care to protect your yard by defining the entry and extraction path, and restoring the land to a level surface. We strive to be your top-notch Swimming Pool Removal Contractor in South Jersey.

Pool Removal PermitWe’ll submit all paperwork to the town for permitting. Once the permit is ready the town will notify both of us. This process can take about two weeks. Once the permit is in hand we can start removing the pool immediately.

Paving The Way - We begin by laying down a construction road from the street back to the pool. The road will be used to reduce the impact our equipment has on your lawn and underground utilities.

After the road is laid we remove any fencing, bushes, trees or limbs required to access the pool area. Once the path is clear we’ll begin.

Inspection -After the pool debris is removed, the empty hole must be inspected. This can take two to three days depending on the town.

Backfill – Once the township has given approval we begin to backfill the hole. Next, we’ll truck in compactable fill dirt to bring your yard back up to grade, making sure the surface conforms to the natural grade of the surrounding area.

Topsoil & Seed – Per your specification we’ll provide topsoil and seed to accommodate your landscape design.

Clean Up Time – When we’re done the work, we’ll back away from the pool area the way we came in, re-installing existing fencing and removing the construction road as we work our way back to the street. Before leaving, we’ll broom clean the street.

South Jersey Pool Removal Method
Our method meets or exceeds all township regulations for Gloucester County and Camden County swimming pool removal contractors. After excavation the impacted area can be used the area for a new load-bearing building, a new swimming pool, or recreation.

  • Mark and Protect Utilities

  • Drain Water From Pool

  • Exhume the entire pool shell; all rebar, reinforcement material, demolished concrete, and pool equipment are entirely removed from the site. (Only the crater from the original pool excavation will remain).

  • Obtain Township Inspection before Backfilling

  • Backfill Remaining Hole with Compactable Fill Dirt

  • Return Yard to its Original Pre-pool Grading

  • Topsoil and Seed Disturbed Area

  • Broadcast Straw to Keep Seed in Place

Pool Removal

Top 8 Reasons to Remove Your Pool

  1. Eliminate Pool Maintenance Costs
  2. Reduce Property Taxes
  3. Lower Monthly Utility Costs
  4. Reduce Property Insurance Fees
  5. Eliminate the Need to Fence your Pool
  6. Stop Foundation Damages
  7. Beautify your Yard
  8. Increase your Property Value

 In-Ground Pool Removal

Top 9 Reasons People Remove Swimming Pools in New Jersey

  1. Pool No Longer in Use
  2. Pool Walls or Cover Collapsed
  3. Buying a New Home
  4. Selling a Home
  5. Mechanical Failure
  6. High Maintenance Costs
  7. Lower Taxes
  8. Lower Insurance Rates
  9. Build an Addition

Pool Removal Cost

(3) Tips on How Save Money
            on your Pool Removal

  1. Empty Pool Yourself - The pool will
    need to be emptied.  Why pay us to
    do something you can easily do.

  2. Get Utilities Permit -The affected
    area will need to have an underground utilities location to assure no utilities will be affected. A permit will need to
    be in place for the demolition can begin. Time is Money.

  3. Plan for Potential Land Use – The Pool Removal Option you choose is based upon the planned usage of the area.

If you’ve elected to use the area for expanding your home, building a garage, or any use that requires the placement of footers you might want to consider the layout before excavating the pool. Contact a swimming Pool Removal Contractor in South Jersey who understands local codes and can get the job done right. 

Do it right the first time, it’s always more expensive to do it twice.